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Have you ever watch a young child take it’s first step?  Seen them hesitate, uncertain of what might happen, then take another step, then another?  And as the steps increase, the look on their face changes from one of fear, to uncertainty, to intrigue, to joy and then sheer excitement – with lots of screams and giggles included.   The adults standing near by give encouragement and cheer them, which boosts their confidence to take another step.  With their support team beside them, believing in them and celebrating their success, their confidence continues to grow – until their fears disappear altogether and their parents have to grab them to stop them walking into danger!

We gain confidence in many ways – usually when we achieve something in line with our values and beliefs.  Making decisions makes us confident, it moves us forward, and as we move forward, we gain confidence.

It’s only when we lack confidence that we begin to feel doubt and that’s when we step outside of ourselves to seek recognition.  When we lack confidence, we are indecisive and uncertain.
We doubt ourselves and make decision making difficult, asking ourselves “what will happen if I make the wrong decision?”.

Just assess the situation you find yourself in, and make the decision in light of what is best for you in that moment.  We learn from everything we do – so take the first step, and trust your internal guidance system to take you where you need to go.  Like a child, every step forward brings greater confidence, and if you can surround yourself with supportive friends, they will cheer you on your way.

You will find that, when your confidence is at it’s peak, you are open to new things, moving forward and positively energised.  You are calm, acknowledging and yet strong and powerful at the same time.  You are living life in accordance with your values, living life on purpose, and with gratitude.