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As midnight struck on 31st December, and the chorus of “Happy New Year” rang out around you, did you set yourself a New Year resolution? What did you resolve to do? Was is that THIS YEAR you are going to reach and maintain your ideal weight? To make money in your business? To find a new job? To put down a deposit on a new home? To go to the gym three times a week?

Here we are, well into January … and how well are you doing?  If you are like most people, your resolution has probably been broken … if not forgotten. But relax. You are normal. And it’s not the end of the world.

So many people have more than good intentions – at the time they make the resolution, they really believe that THIS year will be different. The trouble is, that while the intention is good and well-founded, it’s sadly most likely to fail. The intention is usually set during the holiday period. You are away from work. Your schedule is different. You believe you can do this – but you probably haven’t set a very specific plan and you almost definitely think you can do this on your own. And while you are away from work, you might stand a chance.

But before you know it, the holiday is over and you are back at work. Back in the environment that is comfortable – and designed to keep you right where you are. An environment that is neither conducive nor supportive to change. An environment where the priorities are about the company goals. An environment without a support mechanism. And you quickly fall back into your old, comfortable routine.

The good news is that, with a little effort and support, you can successfully combine your career with your personal goals. All it takes is having an accountability partner – someone trained to listen, question, support and encourage you without judgement or a hidden agenda, Someone who will help you stay on track when the going gets tough … and it will.

If you are serious about achieving your goals this year, take advantage of my introductory coaching session. It will help you get crystal clear on what you want to achieve and what’s been holding you back. Just click the calendar and choose a date and time that works for you. It could be that one conversation can change your life.