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Healthy At Work

As an employer, how important to you is the health of your workforce?  How much do you really care – not because legislation places a duty on you, but because you understand that there is a direct correlation between happy, healthy employees and a healthy bottom line?

When did you last analyse your staff’s attendance records?  How many sick days does each employee take per year?   Do they use up all their annual leave, or do they carryover days (or weeks) because they didn’t take a proper break?  What about when they ARE in the office – are they productive, or are they physically present but mentally absent, because of something
personal they are struggling with – an argument with their spouse, a sick child at home, stressed at work and feeling overwhelmed and scared to say anything for fear of being judged weak and ineffective – and potentially losing their job?  How well are they communicating at work? How effectively are they working in their teams?

I’ve seen these challenges (and more), and faced some of them personally, during my 30 plus years as an employee.  I now work with business owners, senior management, employees, teams and individuals to reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness and benefit the organization’s bottom line.

Companies that genuinely care about the wellbeing of their staff report their workforce are less stressed, less prone to colds and flu, more confident, more engaged and more productive.  They sleep better, have improved work/life balance which translates into improved relationships both at work and at home.  Staff morale improves, they feel valued and are promoted within the organisation.  Having good employees with solid experience moving up the ranks builds a positive culture.  Absenteeism and presenteeism is significantly reduced.  Customer satisfaction increases.  This all translates to an increase in the bottom line and the Company becomes renowned as an Employer of Choice.

Healthy At Play

What about you on a personal level?  Are you looking and feeling as great as you would like to?  Or are you running on adrenalin, skipping meals, getting too little or disturbed sleep, struggling to keep your weight in check, taking care of everyone and everything with little or no time for yourself?

It’s time to STOP and take stock.

Life’s too short to live it running on empty.  When you are looking and feeling great, you achieve more, you have good-quality relationships, you take care of yourself and you perform at your best in everything you do.

I use a variety of coaching methods to achieve the right results for my clients, but I start by having them take the Wellness Inventory – a confidential, online self-assessment looking at their current overall health and wellbeing,  and identifying specific areas for improvement.  This gives us a baseline to work from, and future assessments are compared to this baseline, so improvements are measurable.  Additionally, each client has access to email reminders, an online journal and a wealth of resources – all of these are available for a full twelve months from the date they first take the assessment.  This provides the client with support between coaching sessions, thus maintaining momentum.

​ If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to book an introductory coaching session through the links on my website ( to see if we can work together. You really have nothing to lose, but potentially, everything to gain.​