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I’m Jan Osmond

Retired Wellbeing & Performance Coach

Making A Difference:

Offering Pro Bono Coaching Services

Why Offer Pro Bono Coaching?

Many people helped me during my career. I had bosses who believed in me, who supported, mentored and encouraged me at every step.

Now that I’m retired, I want to give back.

Sessions are limited, so don’t delay – click the button below and select the time that best suits you. I’m looking forward to working with you!

What’s YOUR Challenge?

You are unique … you can do, be and have ANYTHING
you want … and I’d love to help you!

Increase productivity

Work smarter, not harder and increase productivity in all areas of your life … 

Maintain Optimal Health

Lose weight, have more energy and live life more fully …


Stress Management made easy

Learn simple strategies to help you reduce stress and create more balance in your life …


Make the transition from work to retirement with ease …


What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a special relationship between a professionally trained coach and a client.

A coach empowers others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and for their lives.

It’s for people who dare to dream, and are committed to take action to make their dreams a reality.

How Does It Work?

Coaching sessions are 25 minutes in duration.

Conducted via confidential video conference, we can see and speak to each other – it’s as if we’re in the same room!

I listen attentively to what you say, I ask thought-provoking questions in a non-judgemental way. I create a safe space for you to talk, give you time to reflect and allow you to arrive at your own decisions without giving advice.

1. Identify.

Identify the one main objective you want to achieve.

2. Clarify.

Dig deep to get clear and specific about your goal.

3. Plan

Identify the exact steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal.

4. Take Action.

Put your plan into action. Set deadlines and be held accountable.

5. Review, Adjust, Repeat.

Constantly review your progress against the plan and make adjustments along the way.

Once you have achieved your goal, go back to step one and identify a new objective.

About Me

I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), a Licenced NLP Practitioner, and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  My passion is in helping others be the best they can be. I am committed to ongoing success for those I coach.

I’ve worked in the corporate world, run my own coaching business and am now a volunteer business mentor.

No matter which area of your life is challenging you, I believe that every individual has unique strengths to excel and  I can’t wait to meet you!


“It was great to work with Jan. She has a very calm style and listens very carefully to your needs and concerns. She helps you to see things from a new perspective and offers techniques to deal with your challenges. I improved a lot with Jan’s help and I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach.”

Thanks Jan for helping me to better understand my objectives and how to achieve them. I now feel more empowered, optimistic and in better control!”

Still not sure? Unanswered questions? Email me: