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Work/Life Balance ... Myth Or Reality?



Between working full time, running a home and caring for your loved ones, there’s not much time for you …


but you can change that …

Think About It.

Stress is common at work and in relationships. It’s part of life. It can alter how you think, eat, feel and breathe. Out of balance in your life, these dimensions make stress far worse and prolonged.

If you want to:

  • reduce stress

  • lose weight

  • improve relationships

  • increase productivity

  • achieve work/life balance

  • maintain optimal health

  • live life more fully

I can help.

Putting Balance Back Into Your Life

need not take the time and effort you think. Small lifestyle changes, made over time, compound - they literally multiply - and result in significant improvements - not just in the area you are focusing on, but in all areas of your life.

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Schedule a FREE Skype call with me. Together we can identify the areas of life you are most motivated to change, create more balance in your life and set small steps towards a higher level of vitality, health and wellbeing.
– Jan
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What Others Are Saying

“It was great to work with Jan. She has a very calm style and listens very carefully to your needs and concerns. She helps you to see things from a new perspective and offers techniques to deal with your challenges. I improved a lot with Jan’s help and I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach.”
Emma Quigley,
January 2015
Katherine Harris, January 2017

Thanks Jan for helping me to better understand my objectives and how to achieve them. I now feel more empowered, optimistic and in better control!”


December 2014

Deanne Black, April 2017

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Featured Clients
Christopher UrenChristopher Uren
"I began working with Jan in January 2016. I was feeling drained, overwhelmed and lacked clarity in the direction I wanted to go with my career. I was working full time and studying full time at Uni. Jan helped me break my Uni assignments into manageable chunks, and I achieved a score of 95/100 for my research paper as well as attaining two high distinctions earlier in the year. Jan helped me understand the value of time and the importance of not letting the past get in the way of new opportunities. By the end of the coaching program, I felt more productive, focused, disciplined and ready to start my new role."    Christopher Uren, Sydney,   August 2016
“Jan’s humour, confidence and easy, gracious manner hooked me from the start.  I have always felt her calmness, regardless of how stressed or anxious I was feeling at the time.  By talking things through with Jan, I have gained calmness myself, and left our sessions with clear thinking and true-to-life goals that didn’t seem at all hard to accomplish.  Jan’s clear perspective is contagious and if you are looking for a coach I heartily recommend Jan.  She will help you gain clarity of thought, help you set realistic goals, and keep you accountable.”      Wendy Fisher,   October 2016